Update on Pollinator Protection Legislation in Maryland

As you may know, in 2016 the Maryland General Assembly passed a bill — the “Pollinator Habitat Plans” law — requiring several state agencies to establish a pollinator habitat on lands they own or manage, to increase critical habitat for Maryland pollinators. Pollinator health is at risk due, in part, to lack of sufficient habitat. 
In 2017  Maryland passed  yet a second nationally ground-breaking law  (SB 386/HB 830) requiring that these habitats be free of toxic pesticides known to harm bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators – so we don’t harm the very species we are trying to protect!
Thanks to the your e-mails and calls to legislators, this legislation was successfully singed into law by Governor Larry Hogan in May 2017. 
You make a real difference in Maryland. Our progress is directly attributable to your calls and emails. Our sincere thanks for all you do to protect pollinators.

So, stay tuned! We will likely need you to contact legislators again when the time is right to urge them to support 2018 legislation
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To read more about this legislation, check out our fact sheet.