Protect Children from Pesticides

Protect Children from Pesticides and Their Inherent Harm

Children are More Vulnerable to Pesticide Harm

As parents, teachers, health care providers, we have a duty to protect children from pesticide harm. Pesticides are ubiquious in our world—pesticides are on food, cotton clothing, linens, in mattresses, they’re used in homes, outdoor spaces and public places, in disinfectants and in many other products children come in contact with much of their day. Children’s smaller body mass, hand-to-mouth behavior, and developing organ and hormonal systems into adulthood, make them more vulnerable to the acute and long-term harmful effects of pesticide exposures.

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We Are What We Eat: Ten Tips for Eating Clean Pesticide-free Food

Are you concerned about the pesticides that all too often end up in your family meals?

Learn how to ensure your family is eating healthier!

Protecting Your Baby From Pesticides

Are you a new parent or are you planning to be one soon? This video provides tips on food choices and safer pest management, specifically designed for new moms. Pesticides are chemicals that are used to poison and kill insects, rodents, and weeds. Because these chemicals are made to kill living things, they can also be harmful to your baby’s health. The good news is that there are safe ways to keep pests out of your home without the use of these chemicals.

Other Resources

Pesticides: The Risks, Alternatives, and Healthier Choices

This comprehensive resource guide identifies where pesticides are found—from breast milk to cosmetic and cleaning products, to outdoor wood structures and how to protect children from pesticides. The guide also explains the risks of exposure and is filled with tips on alternative products and methods.

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Make Your Home Safe For Baby: Protect Your Baby From Harmful Pesticides

There are simple ways you can keep pests out of your home without using pesticides that can cause health problems for your new baby and the rest of the family. Its up to us, to protect our children from the long-term harm of pesticides

Download an electronic copy of this document.