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Watch and share with your team these solution-packed 20-30 minute video webinars to learn best practices to prevent and solve troublesome pest management and land care management challenges.

Visit the IPM in Health Care Facilities Project YouTube channel for the collection or click on the webinar titles below.

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Watch Now: Prioriting Integrative Pest Management in Healthcare

Presenter: Frank Meek, BCE, PHE, BCQI, Technical Manager, Rollins Inc.
Description: Strategies for Healthcare – Frank Meek discusses using prioritized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Healthcare.

Watch Now: Safer Bed Bug Management in Healthcare

Presenter: Inar Maharaj, Director of EVS at Anne Arundel Medical Center, Luminis Health Environmental Services Dept.
Description: Strategies for Healthcare – Inar Maharaj discusses using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to manage bed bugs in Healthcare.

Watch Now: IPM in Healthcare: Lessons Learned from 35 Years in the Business

Presenter: Joe Griffin, Consultant, IPM in Health Care Facilities Project
Description: Joe Griffin, former Director of EVS for Sheppard Pratt, discusses the facets and advantages of a prioritized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program in Healthcare and how to maintain a successful program.

Watch Now: Maryland State House Grounds: A Model for Healthcare Facility Pesticide-free Landcare

Presenter: Kevin Wengernuk, President, KW Landscaping
Description: Kevin Wengernuk presents an organic approach to treating and maintaining lawns and landscapes and why this is so important in healthcare facilities.

Watch Now: Pesticides and the Impact on Newborns and Children

Presenter: Michael Ichniowski, M.D., Chair, Environmental Health and Climate Change Committee, Maryland Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics
Description: Dr. Michael Ichniowski discusses the significant impacts pesticide exposure can have on newborns and why it’s so important in healthcare to have a prioritized IPM program.

Watch Now: IPM in Healthcare Around the Country, Green Shield Opportunity

Presenter: Ryan Anderson, Sustainable Communities Manager, IPM Institute of North America
Description: Ryan Anderson provides an overview of the Green Shield Certification and provides resources for implementing a prioritized IPM program that eliminates food, water, and shelter to pests and minimizes the use of toxic pesticides.

Watch Now: Harmful vs. Safer Disinfectants in Healthcare

Presenter: Dr. Ana Rule, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Description: Strategies for Healthcare – Dr. Ana Rule discusses Harmful vs. Safer Disinfectants In Healthcare.

Pesticide-free Insect and Rodent Pest Control

Watch now: Insect Pests in Healthcare Facilities

Presenter: Dr. Tom Green, President of IPM Institute of North America

Watch now: Strategies for Housekeeping & Maintenance Professionals

Presenter: Dr. Tom Green, President of IPM Institute of North America

Watch Now: Preventing & Solving Rodent Problems

Presenter: Dr. Tom Green, President of IPM Institute of North America

Pesticide-free Land Care Management

Watch now: Preventing & Solving Weed, Turf & Landscape Issues

Presenter: Kevin Wengernuk, President, KW Landscaping


Watch Now: Pros & Cons of Sanitizers and Disinfectants for Addressing COVID-19

Presenters: Dr. Ana Rule, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Dr. Michael Ichniowski, American Academy of Pediatrics, Maryland Chapter, from MPEN’s Pesticides and the Chesapeake Bay Project Conference