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Are You Using Safer or Hazardous Disinfectants for COVID-19?

Learn which disinfectants are safer and effective without increased risk

Many disinfectants on EPA’s List N for institutional and personal use against SARS-CoV-2 contain the active ingredients Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC), chlorine, and other chemicals, which are known to cause and exacerbate asthma, respiratory irritation and illness, compromise the immune system, among other serious health impacts. Exposure to these chemicals can exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms.

New Website Provides Answers

A new website, can help protect your family and business by choosing safe disinfectants that are approved by EPA on its List N for COVID-19. Using the website, you can check products you already use to determine if they are designated as Safer or pose and Increased Risk to health. Sort product choices by health risk, type, use location, surface and other cirterial. The website is updated daily from EPS’a List N for disinfectants that are effective for COVID-19.

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