Saving Pollinators & Protecting Our Food Supply

Attracting and Protecting Pollinators and Wildlife

Certain pesticides have been linked to bee hive deaths around the world. Pesticides have also been linked to impacts on other wildlife including birds, Monarch butterflies and amphibians. In addition, genetically modified foods while banned in 60 countries due to health concerns are not even labeled in the U.S. We need to protect our wildlife and have the right to know what is in our food.

The Buzz On Protecting Our Pollinators

Nurseries and Big Box stores have been found to be selling plants as ‘friendly to bees’ when in fact they contain neonic pesticides known to kill bees.

Help Us Save Maryland’s Bees, Birds, Butterflies & Beneficial Insects

The following fact sheets and resources will guide you to: how to control insect pests while protecting pollinators, how and where to purchase really bee-friendly plants and seeds, and other tips to have a healthy garden for pollinators, wildlife, pets and family.