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Other Pesticide Database Resources

In addition to MPEN’s compilation of Pesticide Research Posts (studies and news posts you can sort by poplar categories) and MPEN’s Pesticide Research Database (a compilation of environmental and health studies with a focus on issues relevant to those living in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed), the Other Databases section of our website provides you access to repositories of information about pesticide-related information, health and environmental impacts, safer alternatives, data provided by other organizations, and other resources.

In the Other Databases section

  • Other Databases — a gateway to databases and resources developed by organization partners who share the mission
    • Beyond Pesticides Gateway to Pesticide Hazards & Safe Pest Management
    • Beyond Pesticides Pesticide-Induced Disease Database
    • Least Toxic Pest Management Alternatives fact sheets from Beyond Pesticides

Under Construction

These large libraries are in a reorganization process, to make the wealth of studies and news articles easier to access and search. Check back in the coming weeks.

  • Public Health News and Research
  • Environmental News and Research