Go Organic Project

GoOrganic Project Campaign and Website Supports Organic LivingGo Organic Vote with Your Wallet and Fork

Our power as consumers moves industries. Case in point: many grocery chains have begun selling organic food products in the past 10 years. There are many other examples.

So as another step towards creating the healthier world we want to live in, Maryland Pesticide Education Network and the Smart on Pesticide Coalition launched the “Go Organic: Vote With Your Wallet, Vote With Your Fork” campaign to drive systemic change. By sourcing organic producers in many areas—personal care products, organic gardening, budget-friendly organic food sources, local organic businesses, many staples, and other necessities for organic and pesticide-free living, we can all become more intentional about what we are supporting with our dollars. The benefits include a healthier lifestyle, greener businesses will thrive, organic options will become more affordable, and the market and our communities will shift away from the prolific poisoning by pesticides. You can help the Go Organic Project. Join the organic movement! Take the GoOrganic pledge to buy more organic products. Be the change you want to see.

Visit our GoOrganic website now!

For information on another way to replace pesticides with organic methods, see MPEN’s page on organic lawncare.