Get Tested for Glyphosate in Your Body

Wonder What the Level of the Cancer-Causing Pesticide Glyphosate is in Your Body?

Bio-monitoring for pesticides in the body is being used increasingly by Americans to get independent verification of their personal exposure to pesticides — and especially to cancer-causing glyphosate, America’s most widely used pesticide.

​O​ne study ​​has f​ound ​that ​the average level of glyphosate in North Americans ​i​s 3.3 ppb ​(parts per billion) in their urine, ​while another study found ​that among Europeans, where glyphosate exposure tends to be far lower, is, on average, just 0.2 pp​b​ — 94% less than Americans!

​Maryland Pesticide Education Network’s Executive Director Ruth Berlin, whose diet is at least 90% organic has had herself tested. The level of glyphosate in her urine was 0.03 ppb, considered to be just a “trace” level, well below even the levels found in average Europeans.

​The test was done by the Health Research Institute​,​ measur​ing​ both ​for ​glyphosate, and ​for ​”AMPA,​”​ which is a breakdown product of glyphosate.​ By​ comparison, 1.0 ppb is equivalent to half a teaspoon of glyphosate in an Olympic swimming pool. ​But that is ten times the legal limit for glyphosate in drinking water in Europe.

​The glyphosate test key is available to anyone from Health Research Institute for $99. Participating in this research will give you important personal health info and will help build a national database of crucial public health information. For more details and to purchase a kit: ​