Pesticides in Maryland’s environment on the Marc Steiner Show.


Marc Steiner discusses pesticides in Maryland’s environment in light of the release of two reports – a federal report detailing the prevalence of pesticides in the Chesapeake Bay and a Maryland Environmental Health Network report identifying the impact of pesticides on our children’s health- and the Pesticide Information Act requiring pesticide applicators to submit records of their pesticide use (they are already required to keep at their place of business) to a cnetralized state database so that Bay and public health experts can assess occurrence and ipmacts of pesticides on public health and the Bay.

Marc interviews:

  • Ruth Berlin, Executive Director of the Maryland Pesticide Network;
  • Drew Norman, organic farmer in White Hall, Maryland, who, with his wife Joan, runs One Straw Farm;
  • Bill Angstadt, Executive Secretary of the Delaware Maryland Agribusiness Association;
  • and Jay Feldman, co-founder and Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides.

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