Pesticide Information Could Help Solve Mysterious Bee Deaths


Take a look at this fabulous op-ed in support of a pesticide-reporting database in Maryland, by Dixie Mullineaux, Bonnie Raindrop and Roger Williams on behalf of Maryland beekeepers. It ran in the The Baltimore Sun.

The authors make a powerful case for why we need a pesticide-reporting database:

With literally hundreds of registered pesticides in use in Maryland, there is simply no way researchers can test all of them or their effects when combined in use. Knowing what was used, when and where is a critical link. This is the role of the proposed pesticide database.


Losing 45 percent to 50 percent of one’s livestock is clearly devastating for Maryland beekeepers. But we are also concerned for farmers, because losing bees affects their business as well. Fully one-third of our food — including crops that are a major livelihood for Maryland farmers such as apples, peaches, squash, pumpkins and many others — requires or benefits from bee pollination for successful fruiting.

Read the full article here.
We’re so thankful the beekeepers are speaking out in support of this sensible legislation!