Is Your Community Being Sprayed For West Nile Virus?

Steps to Protect Your Family from the Virus and Pesticide Being Sprayed

We concur with the concern regarding West Nile virus in Maryland and the serious symptoms it can and has caused for some Maryland residents. We encourage residents to get rid of standing water on your property and to wear protective clothing ( long sleeve shirts and pants) and use non-toxic bug repellents when outdoors.
However, we also need to pay heed to the serious potential impact of the pesticide being used and to take every precaution to protect residents from exposure to Permethrin, a Synthetic Pyrethroid pesticide considered a possible carcinogen by US EPA as well as a suspected endocrine disruptor that can have long-term health impacts. The following recommendation is issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in their Toxicological Profile for Synthetic Pyrethroids: “Remaining indoors and closing your windows while your neighborhood is being sprayed will lessen your exposure.” (Toxicological Report, pg. 8). We also recommend turning off air conditioners and swamp coolers and keeping family pets indoors during this time. Because Permethrin is odorless and weather conditions vary, individuals must use their judgment in deciding how long after spraying to keep these precautions in place.

Additionally, we recommend bringing toys and other outdoor items indoors as well as potted plants on your property as much as possible as Permethrin can remain on items and persists in soil and on plants for a significant period of time beyond the actual application. For more information please go to:

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