Pollinator protection act passes

Maryland Becomes the First State in the Country to Restrict Bee-Killing Pesticides

After years of hard work, the Pollinator Protection Act (SB 198 & HB 211) passed the Maryland General Assembly in 2016 with bi-partisan support. The law will go into effect on January 1, 2018! This law will protect our bees and other pollinators by restricting consumer use of harmful neonicotinoid pesticides. We owe a BIG thank you to our legislative champions, beekeepers, farmers, public health and environmental advocates and constituents who sent thousands of letters and emails to their legislators, made phone calls and visited offices.

The Pollinator Protection Act was the first bill of its kind to pass a state’s General Assembly in the nation, and represents a big step forward to protect our pollinators, public health and food supply. We hope this law will prompt other states – and the federal government – to reduce the use of toxic neonic pesticides.

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