Guide for Legislators

Discerning True Science from Industry Propaganda

Evaluating Health & Environmental Science – A Guide for Legislators, was developed in collaboration with the following nationally renowned experts to assist state legislators in determining what constitutes sufficient scientific evidence to warrant legislative action and interpret the science-based arguments presented during debate and testimony.

  • Routt Reigart, MD, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at University of NC and co-author of US EPA’s Manual on Pesticide Poisoning
  • Phil Landrigan MD, Dean for Global Health Arnhold Institute for Global Health and Professor of Preventive Medicine and Pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NY
  • Pete Meyers, Scientist, CEO of Environmental News Service
  • Jeff Mauk, Executive Director; Dylan McDowell, Program Director; Member legislators;
    National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL)
  • Jay Feldman, Executive Director of Beyond Pesticides

The Guide for Legislators’ development was coordinated by the Maryland Environmental Health Network and the Maryland Pesticide Education Network.

View the document here.