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Some Pesticides are Toxic
PFAS Forever Chemicals

Protect Maryland and Pass HB1190 to Reduce PFAS in Pesticides

Protect Marylanders from Forever Chemicals

Some pesticides are much more dangerous to human health and our environment because they contain PFAS, also known as ‘forever chemicals.’ We’re urging the Maryland General Assembly to pass HB1190 “Pesticides – PFAS Chemicals – Prohibition” to reduce PFAS exposure from pesticides and keep Maryland’s children, pregnant women, families, the elderly — and our environment — safer from the life-threatening effects of PFAS when used as a pesticide’s active ingredient.

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What Are Forever Chemicals?

A class of fluorinated chemicals, PFAS are known as forever chemicals because they take thousands of years to break down in the environment. PFAS remediation is a massive problem and emerging technologies are limited and extremely expensive. These heavy costs will ultimately fall on communities, counties, and states. PFAS are already in our drinking water, in the Chesapeake Bay, and in our soil, food, and bodies. Nearly every U.S. resident now carries measurable levels of PFAS in their blood.4 Every exposure adds to the impact on our body.

The Problem

Maryland registers over 14,000 pesticides annually and over 1,000 contain toxic forever chemicals as their active ingredient. These pesticides are used liberally in agriculture, homes, emergency rooms, health care facilities, and schools — among people who are already vulnerable. Also alarming is that there is no research on the synergistic effects of combining these forever chemicals with toxic pesticides that already have adverse health impacts.

Maryland has issued fish consumption warnings for PFAS in 15 fish species in the Bay watershed. Testing has found PFAS in drinking water from household taps in Maryland’s Montgomery County and other locations around the state.

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It’s Not Too Late.

The good news is we can stop further contamination from known PFAS pesticides. We can turn off this tap. Yes, forever chemicals are already here, but we can stop adding to the damage. There are numerous pesticides that can easily replace PFAS pesticides for all uses.

Our Legislators Can Make a Difference.

Maine and Minnesota have already passed laws preventing pesticides containing these forever chemicals from being sold. This General Assembly session, Maryland’s leaders and elected officials can do the same.

We can stop adding to the problem and compounding damage already done. We can remove PFAS from pesticides — and protect our families and future generations.


• HB1190 “Pesticides – PFAS Chemicals – Prohibition” says that on June 1, 2025, no pesticides may be sold in Maryland that have ingredients identified as PFAS listed as an active ingredient on the label.
• Existing stocks of pesticides containing PFAS purchased prior to June 1, 2025, may be used until December 31, 2025.


• No PFAS testing is required for this bill.
• There are hundreds of alternative replacement products.
• This bill is a reasonable step to reduce PFAS contamination.

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