Past Conferences

Annual Conference Presentations

The Pesticides & the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Project holds one-day annual meetings or, since the pandemic,  webinars across several days each Fall to provide cutting edge science and policy updates on key trends regarding pesticides and the Bay.  Project stakeholders also share information on the progress of the Project’s four working groups and plan Project initiatives for the year ahead.

Leading national science and policy experts on pesticide-related issues address conference participants, while working group members meet later in small group sessions. The presentations and discussions are designed to catalyze progress on Bay-related pesticide problems. Those attending include federal, state, and local agency scientists and engineers, public health officials, academic experts, farmers, beekeepers, watermen, waterkeepers, watershed association representatives, and environmental advocates.

Presentations to the Thirteenth Annual Conference, 2019

Presentations to the Twelfth Annual Conference, 2018 

Presentations to the Eleventh Annual Conference, 2017 

Presentations to the Tenth Annual Conference, 2016

Presentations from the Ninth Annual Conference, 2015

Presentations from the Eighth Annual Conference, 2014

Presentations from the Seventh Annual Conference, 2013

Presentations from the Sixth Annual Conference, 2012

Presentations from the Fifth Annual Conference, 2011

Presentations from the Fourth Annual Conference, 2010

Presentations from the Third Annual Conference, 2009

Presentations from the Second Annual Conference, 2008

Presentations from the First Annual Conference, 2007