Pesticide ban should be province-wide: Cancer Society


Municipal pesticides bans not workable, says Jane Farquharson

New provincial legislation allowing municipalities to control some cosmetic pesticide use doesn’t go far enough, says the P.E.I. chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Executive director Jane Farquharson told CBC News the society is asking the party that forms the next government to implement a province-wide ban.

“The municipalities don’t have the resources from an enforcement point of view to follow-up to ensure that regulations are being abided by,” said Farquharson.

“On top of that, I think there’s 72 municipalities in Prince Edward Island and so you can see what a laborious process that would be.”

The Cancer Society hopes an online survey on cosmetic pesticides and other topics that it is launching Monday will show across-Island support for a P.E.I.-wide ban.

Results from that week-long survey will be tabulated and released to inform politicians during the provincial election campaign.
-CBC News