Information For Health Care and Public Health Professionals

Reporting of Suspected and Confirmed Pesticide Poisoning

Mandatory Reporting

Effective March 1, 2004 Maryland regulation (Code of Maryland Regulation 10.06.01) requires that health care providers (physician, physicians assistant, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, nurses, medical examiner, clinic, nursing homes or any other licensed health care provider) and hospitals submit a report of diagnosed or suspected cases of pesticide-related illness to the Commissioner of Health in Baltimore City or the health officer in the county where provider cares for that person.

Physicians are required to report known or suspected pesticide-related illness to the local health officer within 24 hours (Code of Maryland Regulations 10.06.01). Reports can be made online or by phone, mail, or fax to: Environmental Health Bureau Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 201 West Preston Street, Room 327 Baltimore, MD 21201 Toll-Free Help Line: 1-866-703-3266 (410) 333-5995 (Fax)

To report, download the Maryland Dept of Health form

Questions About Pesticide Illness Reporting?

Contact Clifford S. Mitchell, MS, MD, MPH, Director, Environmental Health Coordination Program, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)

Biomonitoring Lab

Upon physician request, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene laboratories Administration Division of Environmental Chemistry conducts biomonitoring testing for 11 organochlorines, 6 organophosphates, pyrethroid metabolites, and heavy metals. For information on specific tests and how and when to submit a patient’s urine sample contact Ms. Deborah Miller-Tuck, Director, Toxic Organics Program at 410.767.4388 or

Diagnosing Pesticide Injury

For information on taking a pesticide exposure history go to Exposure History.

For a brief overview of diagnosing and treating pesticide injuries go to: Acute Effects, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pesticide Injuries, and the corresponding Chart.

For additional information, the US EPA Office of Pesticides Program provides an online handbook titled “Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings”.